ADAC interview – “Autonomous driving: More difficult than I thought”

As an expert for autonomous driving, Emm! solutions Managing Director Armin Müller was interviewed by “Motorwelt” the magazine of the largest German automobile club ADAC on the subject of “autonomous driving”. Why the return of the vehicle control from the vehicle to the driver takes too long and therefore is not safe and which other risks have to be controlled so that autonomous driving will prevail you can read here in the complete german interview on the ADAC website.…

ThinKing Award 2018

Right at the beginning of the year we received our first award. With the ThinKing, the state agency for lightweight construction, LeichtbauBW, presents an innovative lightweight construction solution from Baden-Württemberg once a month. We are very proud that a jury of experts has chosen our “ILO1” as the winner out of a total of twelve ThinKings from 2018. We are very proud to accept this award on behalf of the entire team, as our successes throughout the year with the ILO1 would not have been possible without the entire team. Enclosed we have for you the winner video of the ThinKing Award 2018, have fun watching the ILO1 in Action – driver-led and automated.

Many thanks to the team of LeichtbauBW for the award and the organisation of the award and the award ceremony. Congratulations also from us to the other winners of the years 2014 – 2017.

ILO1 drives automated in Singapore

At the beginning of January, a team of four developers with an ILO1 were on the CETRAN test field for automated driving in Singapore. A small road network including intersections with traffic lights, bus stops and pedestrian crossings was set up on the CETRAN test field to test automated driving under ideal conditions. There, our ILO1 proved that it is capable of handling long and complex routes in an automated way and is able to execute the driving tasks from the infrastructure exactly.

ILO1 at the CETRAN test field in Singapore © Emm! solutions GmbH

Innovation Challenge 2018

With our application for funding for self-cleaning sensor housings in cooperation with the Aalen University of Applied Sciences, we took the first place in the “Innovation Challenge” in December of this year. Through the “Innovation Challenge”, the state of Baden-Württemberg supports innovative companies that work on innovative concepts in cooperation with universities and colleges. With the support of the state, our research project can now be implemented.

Minister of Science and Research Theresia Bauer presents the certificate to our colleague Max Riedel (left) and Prof. Dr. Merkel (right) from Aalen University of Applied Sciences

Project completion OTS 1.0

We celebrated the achievement of another milestone on October 25, 2018. The OTS 1.0 project with Siemens was successfully completed. In this project, the interaction of road-side infrastructure, cloud-based software services and autonomous electric vehicles was tested. Our ILO1 successfully demonstrated on 25.10. how it gets a driving job from the infrastructure and passes different use cases like passing obstacles. In addition to the ILO1 with which the communication between the infrastructure and the vehicle was tested, an essential part of our work was to prove the added value of infrastructure sensors for automated driving with the help of simulation. The complete Siemens Mobility press release can be found here.

ILO1 in Munich on the Siemens Campus ©

Our ILO in the FAZ

Our ILO actually made it to the FAZ. We are very proud of that. You can read the german article about the ILO as well as the interview with our managing director Armin Müller.

The ILO1 with managing director Armin Müller in our office in Weil der Stadt
© Annette Cardinale

ILO 1 gains attention

We are quite happy that our autonomous mobility concept ILO 1 was chosen as “ThinKing” in january 2018 by the leightweight organisation “LeichtbauBW”. Now also the newspaper “Leonberger Kreiszeitung” is reporting about ILO 1 in their magazin “Forum Wirtschaft” (engl. forum economy). In the following Link you find the german article.

Forum Wirtschaft – Automobile Zukunft made in Weil der Stadt : Der flotte ILO 1 – Leonberger Kreiszeitung

ILO1 declared ThinKing in January 2018

The term ThinKing describes innovative and sustainable lightweight structure solutions from Baden-Württemberg that are presented regularly by Leichtbau BW GmbH. In January 2018 our ILO1, a highly automated electric vehicle, was voted a ThinKing. Learn more about how ILO1 was developed in the Leichtbau BW article. You’ll find the article here.

ILO1 autonomes Elektrofahrzeug
ILO1 – highly automated vehicle


The world of passenger and goods transportation has undergone a number of revolutionary developments; at first, movement remained completely pedestrian, then was enhanced by horses, which later were succeeded by horsepower. Today, we cover distances in a few hours which, in former times, required days, even weeks to travel.

In cities, however, the average speed has undergone no improvement in the last 150 years! Streets are congested, individual mobility requires enormous amounts of space. Next to reducing harmful emissions, the provision of a cheap, efficient transportation solution for everyone has become more urgent than ever before.

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