ILO 1 gains attention

We are quite happy that our autonomous mobility concept ILO 1 was chosen as “ThinKing” in january 2018 by the leightweight organisation “LeichtbauBW”. Now also the newspaper “Leonberger Kreiszeitung” is reporting about ILO 1 in their magazin “Forum Wirtschaft” (engl. forum economy). In the following Link you find the german article.

Forum Wirtschaft – Automobile Zukunft made in Weil der Stadt : Der flotte ILO 1 – Leonberger Kreiszeitung

ILO1 declared ThinKing in January 2018

The term ThinKing describes innovative and sustainable lightweight structure solutions from Baden-Württemberg that are presented regularly by Leichtbau BW GmbH. In January 2018 our ILO1, a highly automated electric vehicle, was voted a ThinKing. Learn more about how ILO1 was developed in the Leichtbau BW article. You’ll find the article here.

ILO1 autonomes Elektrofahrzeug
ILO1 – highly automated vehicle


The world of passenger and goods transportation has undergone a number of revolutionary developments; at first, movement remained completely pedestrian, then was enhanced by horses, which later were succeeded by horsepower. Today, we cover distances in a few hours which, in former times, required days, even weeks to travel.

In cities, however, the average speed has undergone no improvement in the last 150 years! Streets are congested, individual mobility requires enormous amounts of space. Next to reducing harmful emissions, the provision of a cheap, efficient transportation solution for everyone has become more urgent than ever before.

Design Your Mobility!


  • No fixed itineraries
  • Driving options according to needs
  • Sustainable concept
  • Ecologically sound environment

Design Your Economy!

Find our ILO Shuttle flyer (german) here.

Traffic flow measurements conducted in the Enz district

End of July, traffic flow measurements were conducted on behalf of the Enz District Administration in the village of Bauschlott near Pforzheim. This was aimed at determining the number of vehicles which pass through a particular crossing every day since that particular crossing is currently developing into an accident hotspot.

Left-turning vehicles using a busy road which leads into the town struggle to find a suitably large gap in the traffic to safely turn left. Some drivers become impatient during long waiting periods and then try to use smaller, more dangerous gaps, which frequently leads to traffic accidents. This was the matter which Emm! solutions was asked to document, and to provide validated information on the situation.

Das Mobile Messsystem von Emm! solutions zur Erhebung von Verkehrsdaten

Deploying Mobile Measuring System Eagle1

The mobile measuring system we developed consists mainly of image capture tools paired with a cyber-physical system. An independent power supply is assured by an integrated self-sufficient power source. All registered data are analysed using an evaluation algorithm designed by us. This algorithm captures vehicles through specified source and target traffic lanes for the individual itineraries which a vehicle may use within the crossing. All captured data are time-stamped to the split second and then stored in a database.

The traffic flow data measured in real-time were then integrated into a simulation with various possible construction scenarios for the respective crossing. Based upon the results of that simulation, we were able to issue a recommendation to solve the accident risk issues.